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This website was created to promote the 2nd edition of the Montreal Underground Film Festival (MUFF). The content below is from the site's 2007 archived pages.

I was fortunate to be in Montreal during this film festival in 2007. And have managed to make it to Montreal for almost everyone since. I first learned of this particular film festival from a friend of my father, Satya Rangarajan who knew of my interest in the film making, and its history. ALthough Satya's interests are in software development methodologies, development processes, strategy, business, new product development, and marketing, he also is a film fan of emerging talent making trips, when his work permits, to a number of international and US film festivals. I met him this past year in NYC for the Tribeca film festival. Even though he serves as the Managing Partner of Enlightened Capital Management, a social venture fund, and as Principal and Founder of Enlightened Management Corp., a strategic technology advisory group, he shares my enthusiasm for film festivals and discovering new talent. One of my vivid memories of MUFF 2007, other than overdosing on films was the opening night's festivities. It you were there in 2007, perhaps you'll enjoy taking a read at this archive content. I hope it brings back great memnories for you.

The 2nd Montreal Underground Film Festival

The 2nd edition of the Montreal Underground Film Festival (MUFF) will unspool at a frenetic pace over a three-day period from May 17 to 19, 2007. With over 300 submissions hailing from over a dozen countries, MUFF had the daunting task of selecting the 80 finest and most innovative shorts and feature-length offerings from local and international artists. Friperie Pote:tr (6029 Du Parc) will once again play host to three nights of cinematic chaos under the banner “Get Rocked”, with each film night to be followed by performances from local musicians and DJs.​

MUFF Access

Tickets can be purchased at Friperie Pote:tr before the screenings. A single “Lonely Heart” ticket goes for $5. A $20 Silver MUFF pass grants access to 5 screenings, as well as one raffle ticket to win one of our very muffular prizes. A $35 Golden MUFF pass grants access to all screenings, and includes a MUFF t-shirt, raffle ticket and other special treats.

  • MUFF Dates: May 17-18-19, 2007
  • MUFF Times: Thursday at 8 pm, Friday at 6pm, Saturday at 7pm
  • MUFF Locations:  Friperie Pote:tr (6029 Du Parc)
  • MUFF Costs:   $5 per screening; $20 for 5 screenings; $35 for unlimited access

MUFF Programming

The MUFF lineup is a trail mix of ex-para-mental goodies. Audiences will be able to indulge in Warholian eye candy (‘’Lust’’ by Glenn Gear of Volatile Works, ‘’Doll-like’’), rabble-rousing non-fiction (Italy’s frightening neo-fascist bent is explored via wine bottles in ‘’Drink to Forget’’), hypnotic and gooey installation work (‘’Colonnes dans la mer’’, ‘’The Naked Snail’’), allegorical fairy tales (‘’Mr. Consumption’’), campy fare indebted to John Waters, ominous mood pieces (“Mur”, “Time Based Corrector”), gruesome gore by the MUFF-load (‘’Purgatory’’), poetic meditations on the everyday (‘’Eaten’’) and post-pornographic burlesque (‘’Condoms’’) to name just a few. MUFF attendees will once again be made privy to a number of world (‘’Grandma and the cockroach’’, ‘’The Pit and the Pendulum’’), Canadian (‘’5 1/2 Roofs’’, ‘’Pandrogeny Manifesto’’ starring Genesis P-ORRIDGE) and Montreal (‘’The Bird, the mouse and the sausage’’, ‘’Nouvel Ordre’’) premieres, along with a hefty film serving courtesy of Canadian staples Volatile Works, EyeSteelFilm, Vidéographe and Winnipeg Film Group – including a Guy Maddin ‘’Workbooks’’ collection. This will solidify the MUFF foundation and help it carve out a niche as the reference point for Canada’s censor-phobic, alternative filmmakers.



Opening night – May 17, 2007

Mariano & Brown, who also dish it out on circuit tracks as roller girls for the Montreal Roller Derby League, promise to spice up the opening night festivities with rollercking good times! Gals on wheels will command Potetr’s opening cocktail (8:00pm) by selling raffle tickets and providing any eager patrons with a bad-natured spanking. The Pink Program (9:00pm) is set to kick off the reeling mayhem, with an unnerving snorting session involving the Queen of Mattel (‘’Doll-like’’), Dandi Wind as a chick breaking through her golden coating in John Londoño’s ‘’The Yolke of the Golden Egg’’, and a short by Christian ‘’KinoGod’’ Laurence developed in harmony with his ‘’do well with nothing’’ motto, in the bathroom of a Normandie hotel! (‘’L’éducation nautique’’)

These aesthetic treats will be followed by the much more fright-filled Pink and Very Black Program, to screen in the Friperie’s Lavorama room. If hidden monsters aren’t your thing, you might as well find something to keep you busy for an hour. The Opening Night Party officially begins once the crowd has taken in just the right amount of dead sardines (‘’Fish’’), cupcake lovemaking (‘’Strip Show’’) and Guy Maddin rooster quirks (‘’Workbooks: Rooster’’).


Friday, May 18, 2007

Cocktail & World Premiere Screening – ‘’Spectacles d’autres mondes’’ (6pm)

The 52-minute documentary ‘’Spectacles d’autres mondes’’ (Valérian Mazataud / France) follows two spirited young artists on a road trip with the world as their backdrop. They pedal over 21 000 kilometres on their bikes, through 28 countries and 5 continents, to offer free clown shows in hospitals, orphanages, schools and retirement homes. The world premiere of this adventurous doc, an ‘’Un oeil sur le monde’’ production inspired by the NGO Clown Without Borders, will be preceded by a cocktail at 6pm.

Teen angst never looked so angsty: Pascal Robitaille and Floria Sigismondi (8pm)

Step back Sixteen Candles and Breakfast Club: a new generation of artists have a lot to get off their chests, and it’s neither diluted in digestible fluff nor packaged in broad stereotypes for mass appeal.

Postmortem Bliss’’ (Floria Sigismondi / Canada) is the first short by acclaimed fashion photographer and music video director Sigismondi. In homage to Rebel Without A Cause, Sigismondi recasts Nicholas Ray’s portrayal of the turbulence and pain of adolescence in a modern light. Postmortem Bliss is a film about the over-medicated, addicted, and misdiagnosed generation of today.

An alumni of INIS and a prolific emerging filmmaker with many shorts and prizes under his belt, Pascal Robitaille will present the world premiere of his mind-bending tape ‘’Le Goût du Néant’’. While his parents are away, teenage Julien decides to self-destruct. Over the course of two days, he throws away all his goods and possessions, then retires from current life. With a small digital camera, an intimate friend records fragments of this process before he lets himself sink into nothingness with him. An inspired work from a young talent to look out for.

MUFF pulls a ROCKY HORROR with its THROW RICE AT THE POSERS event! (10pm)

Hosted by Éric “Roach” Denis and Random Killing’s own Drew Kiteley, this anarcho-punk tag team will introduce the Canadian premiere of Julie and Kenneth Van Schooten’s documentary ‘’King of Punk’’ (U.S.A.) Has punk been commodified into a cute little subculture of poseurs, or do young bands like Louisiana’s OBGYN do justice to the punk icons of yesteryear? MUFFgoers will have the final say as they’ll be encouraged to get all hot and bothered by throwing rice at the screen to voice their discontent. Expect interview snippets with members of legendary punk bands like The Ramones, The Adicts, Exploited, Avengers, Stiff Little Fingers, DOA and Dead Boys.

The screening will be followed by ‘’Punk Le Vote: Roach en Élection’’, Roach’s in-your-face primer on how the squeegee kid on your windshield could one day be your prime minister.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Homeless Nation Special Presentation (7:45pm)

Some of the most stellar and powerful work to come out of Canada’s only website created by and for homeless Canadians will be screened in a special program hosted by Gadget, Montreal’s Outreach Coordinator. This will be preceded by ‘’Chloé et ses amis de la rue’’, a touching debut short from 9 year-old Chloé Turcotte, who takes us to the streets with a smile.


Closing Party: Crimson Program (midnight)

After the more experimental and melancholy White Program and the absolutely demented Virgin Blue Program featuring works by many loose screws, the Crimson Program will cap off a drunken weekend of underground celebration with some of the most terrifying flicks of the bunch. For this special night only, Montreal cult classic ‘’Bad Blood for the Vampyr’’ (Lisan Tibodo, 1984) will be resurrected from the German video vault. Suburban housewives beware: the communist zombies in ‘’Red Men Rising’’ (Cindy Murdoch, Canada) only eat the brains of the rich! Bestiality meets necrophilia in ‘’Pig Heart’’ (Jesika Joy, Canada), which explores the relationship between intimacy and violence, desire and disgust. Count on the night to end with a bang, or at the very least a pig thrust.



May 17-18-19, 2007


Deadline: April 2nd, 2007

"As long as the music's loud enough, we won't hear the world falling apart."

Borgia Ginz, - Jubilee



MUFF celebrates and promotes low-budget filmmakers and those who challenge the boundaries of mainstream Hollywood and the conventional film aesthetic attitude. We encourage you to confront your artistic freedom, through the experimentation of filmmaking and art production, making the world a more exciting, challenging place to live.

"An experimental film is a film organized neither as narrative fiction nor as non-fiction. As such, film scholars consider the experimental or avant-garde film to be one of the major modes of filmmaking, along with the narrative film , the documentary film and arguably animation ."

As the term suggests, the experimental film is often but not necessarily made to test an audience's reaction to certain performances or types of presentation not normally found in mainstream cinema. Such films are usually avant-garde and may shock or surprise their viewers, intentionally or otherwise. Of all of cinema, experimental film tends to have the closest relationship to the other visual arts and their avant-gardes.

We want to expose your 'MUFF' of visual EX-PARA-MENTAL film, video, sound, and even a little performance art to a numbed, oblivious and quite brainwashed culture of hungry fleshy pods (humans that is). So hit us with your best shot and come forth with the goods. EXPOSE YOURSELF!!!




March 19th, 2007



Independent productions accepted only

Films produced, financed, or initiated by a major motion picture studio are not eligible for screening at the Montreal Underground Film Festival.

Prior Screenings

Previous or scheduled screenings at other festivals are acceptable. The "Montreal Premiere" status is preferred, but not mandatory.



Preview copy must be submitted on VHS tape (NTSC) or DVD . Before sending your computer-burned DVD to us, please test it on a stand-alone DVD player.

Screening copy must be on DVD or MiniDV.

Mandatory Accompanying Materials

  • Completed and signed MUFF 2007 entry form;
  • Preview copy. Please label both the case and the preview copy with the title, running-time, and contact information;
  • Photo of the film and photo of director;
  • Please send a photo and synopsis of your film by e-mail for our website;
  • If receipt of entry is required, include a self-addressed stamped postcard.


Only filmmakers of selected films will be contacted.   

If your film is selected, you must provide the following materials by April 23rd, 2007:

  • Press kits, including photos (2 or more kits);
  • Posters / Postcards and other available publicity material;
  • Additional 1/2" VHS videotapes of the film;
  • The screening copy in DVD or MiniDV only.


For all materials, shipping and handling costs to the festival office will be covered by the entrant. Preview copies and promotional material will be retained by the festival.



Unknown, alternative, mysterious, HARDCORE, avant-garde, novel, private, radical, resistant, revolutionary, subversive, GORE, clandestine, unbowed, VIDEO ART, cloaked, unconventional, undercover, ANIMATION, buried, hermetical, subterranean, SUSPENSE, cadaverous, underfoot, illegitimate, DOCUMENTARY, bootleg, EXPERIMENTAL, shady, abstruse, covert, buried, clandestine, covered, DOCUDRAMA, cryptic, DOCUTRAUMA, dark, disguised, eclipsed, esoteric, (un)exposed, screened, FILM NOIR, enclosed, undisclosed, clouded, unperceivable, THRILLER, indiscernible, sequestered, invisible, latent, masked, sub-terrestrial, mystical, EROTIC, sexy, obscure, occult, unusual, private, unseen, concealed, recondite, SOFTCORE, secreted, shadowy, shrouded, FICTION, surreptitious, ulterior, undetected, HORROR, secluded, unrevealed, oblique, suspended. GIVE US WHAT YOU GOT!



This year was a success!

Over 550 people came to MUFF!

Thanks to everyone who came to the festival. Thanks to everyone who supported us, who gave us their time. And especially thank you to all the wonderful filmmakers who gave their art and who made it possible for us to dazzle, shock and please our audiences! Rock on! See you next year!


The 3rd Edition of MUFF will take place on May 15, 16, 17 2008



($500 in services)

Winners: The Volatile Works Collective


(one free workshop)

Winner: Marijo St-Amour



(Robert Morin DVD collection and book)

Winner: Éric “ROACH” Denis



(3 VIP passes to the festival and screening of the film at I+N 2007)

Winners: Alexis Baran for DOLL-LIKE

Marijo St-Amour for LUCY AND THOSE EYES

Jesika Joy for PIG HEART


(a sleek sheer tiger teddy)

Winner: Jesika Joy, for her very needed weird art and  for her very welcomed presence at MUFF 2007!

Lots of MUFF kisses to EYESTEELFILM  for giving us a home!

You ROCK! xxx